Do Not Need To Hesitate Just Ask. 

After having nutritious diet and proper sleep if dark circles seem to take place around your eyes and your suffering from weakness then just check yourself and ask are you suffering from Nocturnal Emission. It is commonly known as wet dreams. According to a research about 80 percent of boys during their adolescence suffer from this problem. Most of the young adults encounter the nocturnal emission about three to four days a week.

Many people consider that Nocturnal Emission is a kind of sin, but it should not be considered as a sin because it takes place in the subconscious state of mind. Nocturnal Emissionis theejaculationof sperms during sleep. According to many sexologist and general physicians the nocturnal emission is a general physical process which takes place when the whole body cell relaxes. The male body has the capacity to hold maximum amount of sperm but when the semen count exceeds the maximum number the discharge of semen takes place.

Another major reason for nocturnal emission is to be an adjunct to dirty and erotic dreams. If a person sees a dream where he finds himself sexually active then the Nocturnal Emission takes place.

Many people are unaware about the various reasons for Nocturnal Emissions; some of the basics reasons for wet dreams are giving below:

1). Emotional issue is one of the reasons for nocturnal emissions.

2). Taking of testosterone drugs.

3). Watching of erotic movies.

4). Drinking excess of alcohol and caffeine products.

5). Eating spicy food.

6). Heavy physical work.

Here I would like to explain the above points so that the young generation can check their rates of Nocturnal Emission.

  • Emotional issue: sometimes many youngsterssuffer from emotional breakdown in their life like break -up with their love. They also have hidden physical desire which they can't achieve in their conscious state of mind. Self control is very necessary for a person to avoid this semen emission. We should not forget that true love and achievement is done by our controlled soul and thinking.
  • Taking stopping birth control pills of testosterone drugs: it is found that out of 100 men 75 take these drugs to prove their sexual activeness. These drugs cause the weakening of body cells and nervous system as a result during sleep they encounter wet dreams.
  • Watching erotic movies: it is said that we dream of what we see in real our sub conscious brain analyses our daytime activity and creates a blueprint in form of dreams. So a person watching erotic movies may see the same in his dream and as a result he encounters wet dreams.
  • Drinking excess of alcohol and caffeine products: the person who drinks two bottles of beer everyday are prone to suffer to Nocturnal Emission because their body cells get loosen, they lose the control over their body. The cells get broaden and this causes emission.
  • Eating spicy food: many men are found to take spicy food all most every day but they do not know that over take of spicy food can increase their male hormone, hence resulting in nocturnal emission.
  • Excess of everything is bad and so excess emission of Nocturnal Emissioncauses following body symptoms:
  • 1). Depression
  • 2). Decrease in the memory.
  • 3). Lowering the sperm count in the male body.
  • 4) Infertility.
  • 5).weakness.
  • 6).knee ache.
  • causesadverse effect on the future and career of a person also. So it is better to get a treatment for it.