Disorders That Produce Thumb and Wrist pain 

Thumb and wrist paineven though common is indicative of more than two types of disorders that inflict the muscles and tissues of the area. The reason is the presence of minute nerves, ligaments and tendons in the region of wrist, palm, hand and thumb. It many times occurs due to unusual strain on the area such as some type of sports, rapid or huge typing on keyboard, constant texting over phone and some other minor reasons. This type of pain often fades away in the span of one to three days but when it occurred due to any disorder or syndrome the pain is recurrent and of sever kind. The accurate diagnosis could be made by an expert orthopedic surgeon but there are some disorders that are sure to produce this symptom and need to be detected in due time. The thumb and wrist pain is often associated with weakness or frailness, numbness in and around the area, struggle in lifting weights with hands and pain while movements of thumb or wrist. Sometimes the pain could be felt along the fingers or palm region which should be considered for proper diagnosis. So here are few disorders or conditions that cause wrist and thumb pain. This knowledge would help in self diagnosis and early detection.

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This is a very common disorder that inflicts thumb muscle pain in the body and often the severity of pain is quite large. This usually occurs when the person performs typical activity on daily basis that imposes pressure on median nerve and muscles of thumb and wrist. This constant pressure leads to this syndrome where the person often experience stiffness and sever pain in wrist and thumb. This syndrome swollen vagina also occurs in the wake of injuries to the median nerve and surrounds area of thumb and wrist. Its characteristic feature is weakness and stiffness in wrist and great mount of pain during movement of the joint.

  • Wrist cyst or ganglion cyst

This cyst is a small eruption on the wrist joint especially on the back side of hand. This is also a type of swelling that could be easily tracked in the wrist joint and is often indicated by severe pain in the joint. The cause of this disorder is hyperactivity of wrist joint which is common in certain sports or actions.

  • Arthritis of wrist

Thumb and wrist pain could be induced by a type of arthritis that affects the nerve passes through the area. This mostly causes severe pain when the patient tries to move the wrist and thumb. This also makes the patient not to use or move the area due to immense pain. It could be treated with medication that acts on pain and joint sensitivity.

There are more rare to occur diseases or disorders that cause the thumb muscle pain or wrist and thumb pain. Proper medication could provide long relief from the situation.