Differentiation of anxiety and crazy 

Most often anxiety sufferer believe that they are crazy or perceiving themselves as being crazy when they are actually not. They are able to sense that reality is getting further away from them and being pushed into the near end or the edge of a mental breakdown. They feel that they are unlikely able stay in the normal state of position in the long run. Anxiety sufferer cannot be labelled as crazy because there are a number of differences between anxiety and crazy. Some people still have problem and often ask themselves what does anxiety mean?. The answer for what does anxiety mean?, is a very little or no similar relation with crazy. Anxiety sufferer always have a state of self-conscious in their mind, this is an indication to show that anxiety sufferer is not crazy because they are still aware of their surroundings and what is happening around them.

What does crazy mean?, crazy is labelled as the combination of insanity and psychosis. The word insanity is no longer referred as a medical term but it is legally used to label a person whom is crazy instead. Some people would often call a person "legally insane". The term "legally insane" would be the answer for what does crazy mean. It is an inability to understand or interpret what is right or wrong, in other words would be what is unlawful or righteous. Example can be illustrated with a person murdering someone without knowing if it is right or wrong to murder someone. A person in an anxiety state does not qualify as a crazy person because the person still have a normal mental state that is able to understand what is right or wrong and also able to adapt or adhere to the social norms. An anxiety state also does not make a person misbehave in an abnormal state by doing something that is not perceived well by the society or public, for example getting naked in public is not perceived well by the society.

A high level of crazy is known as psychosis, it is a mental state of delusion and abstraction. Delusion thoughts is something that draws away reality from a person until it is poorly perceived. Insanity or crazy is related to conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia which is psychotic, a disease that could make a person weak by causing brain disorders. Most often psychotic people may hear unreal voices that is purely delusional or experiencing hallucinations inclusive of being paranoid for every single how to stop an itchy ear person around them. A deemed psychotic patients would not act normally like other human beings instead they have disorganized thoughts with poor perception of reality, still living in their own state of preference or fantasy.

The effect of being psychotic would draws all their insight out from them, they will have little or almost no insight at all. Leaving them worthless in whatever things they wish to do without knowing the cause and effect of any action performed. Psychotic patients have no realisation of unacceptable self behaviour while anxiety sufferer still have the insight to think whether or not he/she is crazy or normal. Anxiety sufferer have tons of worries and a psychosomatic sensation of feeling terrible of their own.

In conclusion, the mental fitness of an anxiety patients is much better than a crazy person a lot. The level is just not the same and incomparable, an anxiety sufferer is still within the globe of reality with better perception of things. They are still able to make sound decisions with no hallucination surrounding them and able to make a differentiation between real and unreal. Compared to crazy person, they are still aware of their own. Crazy person will never be aware if they are crazy. An anxiety disorder will not drown into a severe or greater mental problem, they are just filled with a lot of worries from stress while crazy people are delusive with crazy imaginations that is beyond normal.