Damage to the penis 

Penile injury is a medical term that describe a damage to the penis. Normally, penile injury occur when a violent event happens between a sex partner. The violent incident can also happen due to jealousy or envy during the sexual intercourse. Penile injury can actually be a deliberate and or accidental problem. Penile injury is more frequent in the USA compared to other western countries like Europe, Canada and etc.

Some of the symptoms of penile injury are the penis is painfully curves when it go through erection and a painful erection during masturbation or sexual intercourse with the partner. Penis muscle strains can be a serious problem if it is left untreated. This is because, some people feel shy to face the doctors when it comes to the issue of penis damage. A permanent tissue injury can happen if the penile injury is not treated in a early stage.

The related person must also forget about self treating. There are several home remedies that are available for penile injury treatment. For example, cold showers, ice water enemas and cold compresses are some of the well known remedies for penile injury. However, these remedies will only delay the cure and also increases the changes of permanent damage.

Next, some people are skeptical with the amount of pain that need to be faced when penile injury is treated. That is the main reason why some people left the injury untreated which will later lead to more serious and permanent damage. That is why, doctors always suggest to penile injury patient to pretend that the damage to the penis is just like a running nose. Normally, doctors will inject medication like Neo-Synephrine into the penis to constrict the congested and swollen tissue by allowing the blood to drain. The injection is given when drugs medication fails.

It is always advisable not to let the ice suffice until the treated penis has healed. Normally, doctors will provide ice packs and precautions to the patient who has slight fracture in the penis with no urinary infection and little bleeding. The ice packs are better than undergoing surgery to patients that are scared of pain.

Some antidepressants an drugs are the common offenders for head and back injuries. Improper drugs can cause a painful prolonged erection to men that is having the penile injury. Therefore it is always advisable for a patient to make sure that the doctor knows very well on the prescription medications that are being given throat cancer to a patient.

Some exercises on the penis can also help to cure the penis muscle strain. Kegel's exercises is proven to be a good cure for the penile injury. The Kegel's exercises are actually simple to be followed by squeezing the muscles during peeing. This exercise is repeated around 9 to 10 times.