Crust in Nose Can Result In Dry Nostrils Bleeding 

If you do not stop the cold sores that appear inside your nose, they may develop into cracks, if they last for more than two weeks. Cold sores are seen near the lips of a person and the areas around your mouth. But these are sometimes seen on the cheeks, and in nostrils. This occurs because of the viruses, which are seen travelling through the nerve path; these can also cause infection on your face. These cold sores are called as crust in nose. If these are appearing inside your nose, they cause more pain, than that appearing near the lips and around your mouth. The crust in nose can cause you more problems if you don't concern the doctor at proper time.

The crust in nose can result in blockage of your nasal passage, which can result in severe breathing problem. Thus you must take proper medicine to cure this. These can also result in dry nostrils bleeding. How to prevent this bleeding from occurring is the question whose answer will be provided in this article. You must apply Vaseline tm or Bacitracin Ointment to the inside area of your nose for about 5 to 10 times in a day. You can also blow the nose but do not blow the crust on nose that is accumulated over the cracked skin. You should avoid taking medicines like aspirin and other types of drugs. You should also keep your blood pressure under control to get rid of dry nostrils bleeding problems.

There are a number of factors that contribute to dry nostrils bleeding or the epitaxis problem:

Dryness: mucosa is a kind red itchy bumps on back and stomach of skin that is covering the septum; this is different from the type of skin that is present outside your body. It remains moist all the time where as the skin that is present outside your body dry quickly. This is the major cause of bleeding from the nose.

Fragile Blood vessels: the mucosa layer that is present inside your nose is very thin and contains fragile blood vessels that are running just inside the surface. On certain areas of the septum, these blood vessels are enlarged or dilated. These dilated blood vessels can result in bleeding, if they get any type of cut or scratch.

Injury to the mucosa layer: The fragile blood vessel does not result in bleeding until they are scraped by certain means. This can turn into a severe problem, if a part of a dried mucosa or the scab comes close to the mucosa. If the crust is pulled, it tears the soft layer of mucosa causing it to bleed.

High blood pressure and blood clotting are the other reasons which result in the bleeding from the dried nostrils. Therefore you must take proper care and concern a doctor if you find a sore nose, as it can result in severe bleeding. You must acknowledge the various symptoms before they turn out into a crucial problem of bleeding. I will suggest you that do not ignore such symptoms.