Crp in Blood- What does it Mean 

CRP or C-reactive protein in blood is a kind of diagnostic test that is conducted to determine the presence of infection (bacterial or viral) in body along with any trace of inflammation to organs. This is a blood test conducted mostly on children to trace down the presence of infection in symptomatic or asymptomatic disorders or infections. The doctors often suggest getting CRP blood count to diagnose the condition and to see whether any part of body is getting inflamed such as in inflammatory bowel syndrome or others. In many disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune syndromes, there is an inflammation in body that needs immediate treatment. At the same time this test is used to detect presence of infection in body in susceptible patients (post operative or others). This test is also used to judge the effect of treatment applied for either inflammation or infection in the body to make changes or adjustments in the line of treatment.

The name CRP in blood is given to this test because in the presence of inflammation of infection, liver releases C-reactive protein crawling sensation on skin that could be tested in blood. With the presence of this protein in blood the doctors affirm to the status of the patient and make proper diagnosis. This test is always used on the patient for the benefit of early detection. It is known that presence of C-reactive protein gives the indication of infection/inflammation before the actual symptoms of the disease start to occur. This means it makes the diagnosis prior to the occurrence of symptoms such as fever, pain and others. This early indication helps for early treatment and early recovery in the child. This also helps to detect some infections or conditions that do not leave any symptoms on the body but are dangerous.

The parents of child should take some care prior to getting CRP blood count because several things tend to alter the ultimate results. If your child is on any treatment and medications then notify to the doctor before going to test. Also notify the doctor for any history of recent surgeries or similar treatments to simplify the diagnosis. This test is a normal blood test that does not require any special instructions or meal restrictions. The blood is often drawn from a vein or heel according to the technician choices. If the results indicate increased amount of CRP in blood then this is a clear indicator of presence of infection or inflammation in the body. But as it indicates two conditions the doctor might proceed with some other testing to affirm any one of two conditions and advice line of treatment.

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