Common Symptoms and Herbal Remedies for Sinusitis 

Sinus is the infection or condition that affects a vast majority of population. Even though it is not a serious or fatal kind of condition but the symptoms produced by the sinusitis are very discomforting and able to disrupt the normal routine activities of a person. Sinusitis literally means inflammation of the sinuses or air cavities that are in and out filled with mucous membrane. This is the reason why some disturbing symptoms like popping sinuses or noises in ear and nose initiate in this disease. The infection to sinuses is mostly due to wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi. These mostly happen to people with low immune power and allergy to air borne allergens. Once diagnosed with sinus the person might have recurring infection due to antigen, allergen or hormonal imbalance.

Common and uncommon symptoms of sinusitis

Some common symptoms of sinusitis is pain in and around nasal cavity that most of the time shifts to the front side of head. It also causes blocked or clogged nostrils due to the attack of particular infection causing antigen. Sinus also causes pain in the cheek bone that aggravates at the time of stress and presence of other influencing factors. Sinus is often associated with fever and increased amount of phlegm which is white in initial stages and turns to yellow in the finishing end.

Some patients with sinusitis experience rather uncommon symptoms that is also called as popping sinuses. In this condition the person feels and hears popping and cracking noising in the nose and eardrums. This is quite disturbing for the person because it distracts him or her form any routine work. The sound is actually from a sinus that is opening and closing up. As the sinus blocks the airway when the person takes medication or generally sometimes they open up and air makes its way in nose or ear. This fast opening and air passing is what causes the popping noise in the ear and sometimes in nose.

Herbal remedies for sinusitis

  • Licorice-this is a herbal plant that is widely available in the market nose infection and used for medicinal and food preparation. This works on the inflammation and clears the nasal passages form the blockage.
  • Ginger -is a great ingredient for headaches caused in sinuses. It also consists pain killing properties that give relief from the cheek bone and other sort of sinus pain. Proper ginger extract could work wonders for this condition.
  • Cinnamon-is a great antibacterial agent that also works by reducing the inflammation of the sinus. Cinnamon concoction or paste orally is ideal for the help.
  • Mustard-a concoction made out of mustard seed powder and boiling water is a great natural nasal drops. Use it after it cools down and it would clear out the blocked cavities.

Check with doctors for sinus making noise and make use of proper medical treatment besides these herbal remedies to have faster action.