Claritin and High Blood Pressure 

People often seem to relate Claritin with high blood pressure and ask is Claritin safe because of its usage and work on the body. As you may know Claritin is a medication that is prescribed by the doctor to treat range of allergies in the body including cold and cough. This drug is an antihistamine that treats the symptoms occur after contamination with any type of allergen. This drug is available in market only with prescription as causes side effects form over dose. Now coming back to original question is Claritin safe? For hypertensive people yes! It is found that Claritin do not cause or work as a stimulation for heart to alter the high blood pressure. Being an antihistamine it does not affect any functions or actions of heart and thereby do not affect people with high blood pressure. Even if this is true, some variations of this drug might cause danger to people with uncontrolled high blood pressure. As the medicine is not available over the counter a person with high blood pressure should be cautious and should consult the doctor for any interactions with blood pressure medicines. Though the drug does not stimulate heart for increasing or dropping blood pressure it might interact with some kind of blood pressure medicines.

Another group if Claritin that is Claritin-D seem to have negative effect on people with hypertension. This type of drug often works on cold and cough symptoms such as nasal congestions. Therefore it contains pseudoephedrine that is the ingredient that works on nasal congestion and might cause problem for hypertensive people. The ingredient is often seen interacting with heart mechanism or works as a stimulator to raise blood pressure even in normal people. This ingredient often interacts miserably with high blood pressure medication if taken in high amounts. The threat of any Claritin for high blood pressure is high only for the patients with uncontrolled blood pressure because slight increase or changes in such patient could lead to dangerous effects. With controlled blood pressure even Claritin-D wouldn't cause any fatal alterations or interactions in body. Therefore Claritin and high blood pressure is not related if the condition is totally in control.

The relation of Claritin and high blood pressure also differs on the basis of the brand name of the medication. For example with some researches it was proved that some type of brand causes rise in blood pressure. The famous brand for Claritin is loratadine which is a long acting antihistamine and is seems to raise the blood pressure to some extent after regular consumption. The labels of Claritin products often have caution for high blood pressure people therefore label of the product should be referred sore breasts not pregnant to check for interactions. Also notify the doctor before taking the medication for best help and advice.

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