Causes and Remedies for Foul Smelling Gas 

Foul smelling gas is a common experience for many and being an embarrassing condition many seek a quick and effective remedy to cure it. Every human being passes various gases from intestine whereas only few people experience it as a trouble. There are two types of gases eliminated from the anus, one is sulfur that gives the foul odor to the gas and another is malodorous which is caused due to intestinal problems. The foul smelling gas could be due to problems with absorption of food or nutrients that makes the ingested food undigested and causes the flatulence. In other cases, disorders with intestine or bowels could result in this condition. Some gases are emitted by a variety of bacteria situated in intestines. Many experience flatulence at the time of indigestion of food which gets cured in few days. Whatever the reason may be, emitting foul smelling gas could be embarrassing in social circle so here are few effective home remedies to prevent you from the embarrassment.

  • Yogurt consumption

If the flatulence is due to bacterial movements in the lower intestines then yogurt could help. As we know yogurt contains good bacteria that are also known as probiotics that repair the normal intestinal functions and also cure indigestion problems. These good bacterias also support absorption of nutrients which inhibits the production of malodorous gases caused by faulty absorption. You could also take probiotic drinks on regular basis to prevent the formation of sour smelling gas.

  • Avoid over consumption of milk products

Many people unknowingly suffer from lactose intolerance that results in regular production of foul smelling gas. Notice your consumption of milk products and limit over consumption if you are lactose intolerant. Also note your daily eating habits to track the food ingredient that is producing pungent gases.

  • Reduce direct fat

It is known that foods that are rich in fat cause the flatulence and foul smelling gas. The reason is, when fat is disintegrated in body for absorption it leaves certain gases or elements that tend to form such gases in intestine. This is more evident when the person consumes direct fat in butter, margarine, red meat or other products. Therefore, reduce your direct fat intake to avoid the gas formation.

  • Ginger

When you are bound to eat heavy fatty foods or milk products and having indigestion prepare a mixture out of grated ginger, lemon juice and sugar. Take it orally after having the dinner and you will get relief from the odorous gas. The ginger is also likely to have positive effect of intestinal how to make your period stop functions and digestion. You can also drink water concoction of ginger with asafoetida and black pepper.

If you want urgent effect then make use of fart filters available in market. These are used to be worn as pads in undergarments and they prevent the foul smell from the anal gas. These are very thin and are soft for skin. There are many similar products available in markets that help eliminating the odor from gas. Also try the home remedies to have longer lasting solution.