Causes and Prevention for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections 

If you have a history of UTI or urinary tract infection they you are very likely to get it again and again for some unlikely reasons. As you know the urinary tract infections are more common in females and so are frequent utis. The recurrent infection is often more painful, irritating and uncomfortable that the first one therefore proper treatment and prevention is necessary to break the chain. Several adults experience frequent utis that happen once or twice each month and this condition could suggest to several causes and drug interactions. A proper urine test or pelvic test often describes the actual cause of the recurrence but its treatment mostly consists of a diuretic, antibiotic and yes lots of water. Here are some of the causes and prevention tips for frequent uti.


  • A sexually active women making use of chemicals like spermicide or other products to prevent pregnancy might misunderstand the symptoms as frequent infection. In this case it could be an allergy to the products or vaginal infection that is inflaming or irritating the urethra and producing similar symptoms. Such women should consult for the use of chemical or artificial products and should make thorough examination to locate the real problem.
  • The exact cause of frequent infection is actually unknown but it could be judged on the basis of frequency of the infections per year. Many times anatomical positions of these organs might cause such problem. Such as if the urethra, bladder and other organs are not placed at right or ideal position it might lead to recurrent utis. For this a thorough pelvic or internal examination is done to ascertain the condition.
  • Intercourse during menstruation is very likely cause of frequent utis. Blood is a great medium for bacteria to travel in body and in such condition there is a great chance that bacteria remain inside and cause regular infection. As normal urine does not contain any bacteria, intercourse during menstruation might cause the bacteria to travel inside.


  • The number one is quite obvious and that is to have large quantity of water per day. With raised water levels the person is forced for frequent urination that flushes out the bacteria before he actually starts working.
  • Use of natural cranberry juice is also a great preventive measure to avoid the occurrence of frequent infections. It acts as a natural antibiotic to certain extent and helps to keep the bacteria at bay.
  • Maintaining proper vaginal hygiene is very very crucial because this inhibits the path of bacterium to travel in the body. Always cleanse the area before and after sexual activity and make sure to avoid any sort of vaginal infections.
  • Stay away from chemical products especially on itchy thighs the sensitive areas and improve lifestyle to curb the irritating infection.