Causes, Concerns and Home Care for Breathing Difficulty 

Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath is generally terms as dyspnea which is a condition where the person is unable to regain normal breathing after heavy exertion. It could have repeatedly which is a great cause of concern. It is attributed to several conditions concerning heart, lungs and overall respiratory tract. If the person is finding it hard to breathe means that any blockage or constriction has caused the heart to pump normally which if not corrected at time could prove fatal. Some people experience breathing difficulty after they perform slightest form of exercise while others could get it due to lung or heart related disease. Here are some causes and concerns related to breathing difficulty.

Possible causes

Many times the person is known to produce hoarse sound while trying to breathe normally. This sound often indicates constriction in respiratory tract due to accumulation or mucous or other reason s such as in common cold. A blocked nose could also lead to this difficulty which is often caused due to normal infection or flu and cold. This could be solved with the use of decongestants or by breathing through mouth. A heart hole white patches on skin or other heart condition makes it unable to pump with normal efficiency which makes it hard to breathe for person. Infection or disease to lungs could also affect the normal breathing and this is evident at the time of breathing with physical activity. Sometimes anxiety could also make it hard to breathefor people with respiratory tract diseases like asthma or infections like swine flu could be the factors to affect normal breathing.

Concerns or serious causes of breathing difficulty

A blood clot in lungs is very likely to produce breathing difficulty in the patient and needs immediate attention. Pneumonia again to lungs is very known to give breathing problems. Apart from this pulmonary hypertension or similar conditions could make the normal breathing impossible for the patient.

Care at home for breathing difficulty

If the person is finding it hard to breathe for 15 to 20 minutes then it could be normal in the case of activity. Recurrent problem or breathing problem at night needs special care at home. Check for nose congestion and make use of over-the-counter nasal drops to resolve normal breathing in time. In the case of lungs constriction a good steam with water could definitely help to resolve the normal breathing by diluting the mucous and opening the passage. Any strenuous exercises or exhaustive activities should be prohibited to cause the problem. If the patient is suffering from asthma then carry the decongesting spray along while traveling at other places. Always contact for immediate medical care to diagnose and treat the breathing problem.