Basically your teeth are made up of the same material as your bones, but they are not lucky enough as they are continuously exposed to damage. The outermost layer of your teeth is made up of a hard and protective substance known as enamel. This layer can get dissolved due to acids secreted by some bacterial action in your mouth. Continuous erosion by acids formed due to the fermentation of sugars from the residual food particles in your mouth by bacteria naturally results in a bad tooth.

With tooth decay becoming almost a general phenomenon, the how to get rid of pin worms obvious question that arises in your mind is- Can an infected tooth make you sick? Read this to get your answer.

In the initial stage, an infected tooth may not pose an explicit threat to your health, but in course of time an untreated infection can lead to some unimaginable and unmanageable problems as well. It is never a good option to leave your infected tooth untreated and wait for the consequences to follow. It is better to meet your Dentist at the very hint of an infection and never wait until your daily routines get subdued by severe toothaches. If you are planning to skip meeting your Dentist today to treat your infected tooth, you might well end up at the doors of an ENT specialist or an Orthopedist or even a Cardiologist tomorrow! Does this sound irrelevant or erratic? No my friend, this could be relevant if you persist on keeping your infected tooth untreated. A negligent attitude towards tooth decay has the potential to damage your health severely and may even end up in death!

Your body is a systematic organization that works perfectly with the help of inter-connected co-ordination by multiple organs. The performance and the well being of each organ or some organs are very much dependent on the performance or the well being of a related organ. A healthy tooth ensures good food grinding before it actually reaches your stomach. This eases the digestion of food and your digestive system can absorb more nutrients from the food that you take in. With an infected tooth taking food is always painful and you happen to lose your interest in food which naturally devoid your body of some essential nutrients. This is the visible effect of having an infected tooth.

A shooting tooth-ache is always a bane and it restricts you even from getting out and doing your daily work. You might have seen people complaining of severe headaches due to bad tooth. An untreated infected tooth could dispatch the infection to other nearby body parts such as gums or bones, ear, nose or throat through some connecting nerves or the prolonged infection could also reach some far-off organs such as the heart or brain or even your kidneys through the blood stream. The infection developing in vital organs of your body can never be a good sign for your over-all health. You can avoid all this fuss just by a timely visit to your Dentist and get your infected tooth problem fixed. You can ask him the same question - Can an infected tooth make you sick? He will always be ready to get you a legitimate answer.

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