Calorie and Other Nutrition Count in Mike's Hard Lemonade 

Mike's hard lemonade is a United States based firm that has entered in production of liquor after gaining successful popularity for original product lemonade. This drink is a good mixture of lemonade flavored liquor that is popular at various parts of world. In the similar manner they have popular drinks with the flavor of black cherry, cranberry, raspberry, peach and other flavored liquor products. They have huge followers and as it contains sugar and other ingredients several people who are on calorie counting diets are curious to know about mike's hard lemonade calories. The measurement of calories and other parameters would differ according to the serving and the type of drink. With the standard service the mike's hard lemonade would give you almost 220 calories. These calories are mostly derived from sugar and from liquor that gives empty calories. The flavors used often shift the calorie content because of the ingredients added to make them. But overall, every mikes hard lemonade would give you around 200 calories per drink.

Now moving on to other nutrients apart from mike's hard lemonade calories,it would give you good amount of carbohydrates. Being a drink it contains negligible amount of protein and other stuff that depends on the contents of the drink. As far as carbs are concerned, one standard bottle of this lemonade would give off almost 30 gram carbohydrates, and most of the calories are derived from these carbohydrate contents. In short the mike's hard lemonade is full of carbohydrates and nothing in the part of protein or fat to give off extra calories. There is a small amount of sodium present in this drink due to the seasoning which measures up to 90mg and almost 4% of the total calories are derived from this sodium. The interesting or you can say positive thing about this drink is the calorie content. According to the recommended dietary allowance for each nutrient in our daily meals, this drink provides almost 15% of the RDA regarding the calories. If you are weight watcher then this is a bad sign for you because this means added weight or mismanagmene4t of your calorie count diet.

In this mikes hard lemonade nutritional infothere is no other vitamin or mineral present in the lemonade except if the flavor is natural like cranberry or others. In most of their lemonade almost 90% of calories are achieved from carbohydrates and negligible percent from fat (in cranberry flavor). There is another variety available from the company that is low calorie lemonade that is made using different how to tell your parents you're pregnant ingredients and making procedure. This could be preferred by the calorie counters to reduce the calorie content of the drink.