C1 Fracture & C2 Fracture: Causes & Treatments 

Health problems often occur to individuals who are unaware of their own body conditions as well as their body structures. As the stress and pressure levels increase in individuals today, it had become a necessity for individuals to equip themselves with the ankles swelling sufficient knowledge related to their bodies so that they can prevent or even predict any unwarned circumstances in the future. The C1 fracture and C2 fracture are some of the sicknesses that many individuals would not recognize. This article attempts to give you a brief overview of what are C1 fracture and C2 fracture.

Many would not be aware of the problems of cervical fracture or dislocation until such situations happen to them. However, prevention is always better than cure. Instead of waiting for it to happen, the best way is to learn more about cervical fracture and dislocation and in the same time, be more aware in preventing unwanted circumstances to happen. A cervical fracture, in short, means that the bone located in the cervical region of the spine is broken; whereas a cervical dislocation means that the neck is experiencing ligament injury. Part of these cervical fractures and dislocation can be grouped into categories. The two categories to be discussed here is the C1 fracture and C2 fracture.

Different causes can lead to the C1 fracture and the C2 fracture. Some of them might be totally out of your prediction. The most common cause for C1 fracture and C2 fracture is when the individual's neck is hit by heavy items, which creates a huge pressure towards the neck and thus, leading to the occurrence of C1 fracture and C2 fracture. It is indeed painful for one when slight movement of the head causes extreme pain. If you are currently facing the pain of having a C1 fracture and C2 fracture, the most important thing you need to do is to keep up on the medications as instructed by your doctor.

Some would have gotten a C1 fracture or a C2 fracture or both from a car accident. If you are required to wear a brace, remember not to simply take it off until you are instructed by your doctor. It is, without a doubt, uncomfortable when you have something foreign under your chin but listening to the instructions of your doctor and complying to them will definitely help you to heal faster. If you are experiencing a C1 fracture or a C2 fracture, remember not to conduct any vigorous or rough activities because rapid actions will only make the situation worse. It is very important to remember this as the inability to treat your C1 fracture or C2 fracture properly will lead to serious circumstances - paralysis, or worse, death.

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