Morning Sickness is a unique situation which is often found in most moms-to-be. A number of physical and chemical changes take place in a woman's body after she becomes pregnant. You cannot attribute a single cause for an occurrence of this situation in pregnant women. Increase in the level of estrogen, an elevated sense of smell, secretion of excessive acids in stomach, an increased level of fatigue, occurrence of stress and emotions could play a dominant role in causing this symptom. The primary cause could be attributed to the continuous breakdown of blood sugars in their body. When there is a sudden drop of blood sugars in their body, they often face a situation of energy crisis. The very need of an extra energy makes them feel nausea.

About 75% to 80% of the moms-to-be face the problem of nausea. Most of them find it helpful to take in smaller amount of food at regular intervals as this helps them to maintain their blood sugar level and also avoids indigestion. They often find their early weeks of pregnancy a long and lousy sickening ride on a huge roller coaster. To make matters worse morning sickness can strike them not just in the morning but even at noon or night. As a matter of fact, most pregnant women often get amazed for actually when does morning sickness stop in them!

Morning sickness does not pose any threat to their baby's well-being as long as they manage to keep their food intake at a minimum required level, take sufficient fluids along with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Most women easily stick on to a self-tried and tested food routine. They can easily get to know what they should and should not eat, and also work out an optimum frequency of food intake by their own experience. Due to excessive vomiting some pregnant women often resolve not to take any food at all. This case should not be neglected as it will result in malnutrition and dehydration in them. This could also pose a threat to safe pregnancy in them. As such, there is a certain cure for this syndrome. All they need to do is consult their doctor and get it cured. In most cases it is easily cured by administering some medication along with a special diet and by taking adequate rest. In extreme cases they may have to be hospitalized and receive some intravenous hydration with glucose, fluids and electrolytes. Administering essential vitamin supplements to pregnant women is of primary importance, they may also adapt to a vitamin rich cereal meal every morning.

You just can't predict as to when does morning sickness stop in pregnant women. Each case is unique by itself; we find that some of them feel a bit relaxed after a few weeks to a few months of suffering. For some the symptoms often occur, re-occur and simply vanish away in between. But in very rare cases red spot on face the symptoms occur up to the day their baby is delivered! A sensible approach combined with the doctor's help is needed to cope with the symptoms of morning sickness.