Brief Anatomical Account of Trigeminal Nerve 

Out of the 12 nerves that send and transport various informations about body to brain, one main is the trigeminal nerve. This is also referred as the sensory nerve for transmitting information related to sense from different destinations. There are three main branches of trigeminal branches responsible for the commute of sensory information or feeling. All the three nerves are situated around the sensory organs of the face and neck region. These mainly carry information about the touch, pain, current temperature and several others. These branches of trigeminal nerves are the ophthalmic nerve, the maxillary nerve and the mandibulr nerve. These work jointly to carry important sensory information about the related part. Apart form these informatory nerves, the trigeminal nerve also consists some nerves that carry the signals emitted form brain to random pains in body the body.

The sensory nerve branches and motor nerve branches of the main trigeminal nerve are the carrier to send or take in the information and signals. Therefore the sensory nerve branches often reach from the particular body part to the brain whereas the motor nerves are seen going form the brain to the body parts. These travel from the many holes present in the skull which are also called as foramina. All the three sensory branches of trigeminal nerve are seen to the reaching the middle cranial fossa form various directions and routes. These nerves seem to be entering in the trigeminal ganglion that is a small depression from which the trigeminal nerve exits to reach the portion in brainstem. As far as motor nerves are concerned, they seem to travel from the trigeminal ganglion to exit from the central cranial fossa. All the three sensory nerves of the main trigeminal have divided in further branches to carry the sensory information about the specific region to the brain.

The ophthalmic nerve has several branches that carry sensory information related to forehead, some potions of nose and upper eyelids. This information is mainly carried by frontal nerve, nasociliary nerve and lacrimal nerve that lay on various portions of the above mentioned areas. The branches of maxillary nerve carry sensory information about the lower eyelid and upper lip. The work primarily is done by zygomatic nerve and infraorbital nerve that lay on the above mentioned areas. The mandibular nerve branches carry information about the scalp, skin round ears, lower potion of cheeks, lower lip and mandible. The main mandibular nerve branches are buccal nerve, lingual nerve and inferior alveolar nerve. These are laid on various parts of lower jaw region of the face. The motor nerves also have various branches to carry the signals emitted from brain to the body parts.

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