Brief Account on Atkins (Low Carb) Diet 

Atkins diet is the most followed low carbohydrate diet that is constructed to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in daily diet. When the diet was introduced in 1970 it faced lots of critic remarks and opposition but still several people tried it in order to achieve various benefits. Since then, everyone is making changes in the basic Atkins diet to suit it on personal level. The base of Atkins diet is to exclude the carbs and include the proteins and fats to make up for the energy requirements of the body. Therefore the diet provides great quantities of protein that gives energy as well as body building capacities to the follower. This diet was considered great option for diabetics that gives them energy not from carbs but from fats and protein. Several medication conditions faced by recent generation ask them to exclude carbohydrate form the diet to have sustained life. In the case of heart disease, obesity and others a simple exclusion iof carbs makes the wonders for these patients.

This low carb diet mainly consists of meat, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats to provide the essential nutrients to body. As the new generation diet consisted of fat filled junk foods, loads of meat and other unhealthy substances, the best way was to escape the carbs form the diet and achieve normal health conditions. The earlier versions of Atkins diet was quite stringent on body as it eliminated fruits, vegetables and almost all sources of carbs from the daily meals. This lead to a serious condition called as ketosis which is the increase of ketone bodies in urine. Due to this adverse effect the diet was altered and was made compliant to provide vegetables and restricted fruits inside. This diet also allows carbohydrate consumption to small amount that goes up to 35 grams per day apart from fruits and vegetables to meet the body energy needs. The previous version of no carb diet was successful in achieving weight loss but also caused some unfavorable conditions in body.

The current version of low carb diet or Atkins diet has some premonitions about neck and ear pain the foods to be avoided in order to achieve weight loss. As the energy needs of body are fulfilled form fat the fat percentage of this diet is often higher than normal but it doesn't conclude in weight gain. In order to lose weight with this low carb diet certain rules have to be followed-

  • Avoid consumption of refined carbohydrates that are present in artificial foods such as macaroni, pasta, white bread and biscuits made of refined flour.
  • Include food that have low glycemic index (the foods that release its sugar in blood very slowly). This category consists of whole grains and its products.
  • Include ample amount of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and legumes in diet.
  • Select protein source that is healthy such as pulses, beans, soybean and healthy portions of meat.
  • Include monosaturated and polysaturated oils or fats in daily food.

This low carb diet when combined with proper energy output exercise) woul;d bring great weight loss results.