Blood Pressure Response to Exercise 

In general, the number positive pregnancy test of people getting stroke or heart diseases is rapidly growing. This is due to the lack of exercise and also the lack of knowledge towards balanced eating. As technology grows, people grow unhealthier as compared to the old days. Basically, what is our blood pressure response to exercise? What will it cause us?

Systolic Blood Pressure

Have you ever heard of systolic blood pressure during exercise? We usually name it as the SBP. As blood pressure is formed due to the heart beat rhythm, systolic blood pressure is actually the blood pressure which occurs when our heart is beating. There is a device used to measure this type of blood pressure and it is called the sphygmomanometer.

Why is SBP vital?

As a matter of fact, SBP is quite important as it helps to keep the blood flowing throughout our body. Let us make it simple - if the SBP is able to keep blood flowing, our body will receive sufficient nutrients and that keeps us healthy. So, it makes sense to assume that systolic blood pressure during exercise is very important as well. If the SBP goes too low, the person may suffer from insufficient oxygen and eventually the body cells will die. If the situation becomes serious, the person may faint during exercise because the blood flow is interrupted and one is lack of oxygen. This can be very dangerous.

However, having high reading of systolic blood pressure is not a good thing either. Basically, if your SBP reading is high, you will stand high chances of getting high blood pressure. This is very bad because it will cause your arteries to block and organs getting damaged due to their inelasticity. Thus, if you have a reading of about 140 or above, you should be careful as you may suffer from heart attack or even stroke!

SBP during exercise

There have been views about systolic blood pressure during exercise that can actually help in determining your risk of getting diseases like heart attack and stroke. The method is simple. All you need to do is to measure your SBP level when you are exercising so that you can check your blood pressure response to exercise. People believe that SBP reading is more accurate when you are physically moving rather than at rest because your heart pumps blood faster when you are exercising.

How do you maintain SBP level?

Well, it is best advised to keep your SBP at the optimum level. Firstly, you should look out for your stress level. Being too stressed out can lead to high blood pressure. Thus, you should exercise regularly and take a break when you feel depressed. Always bear in mind that no one can help you except you.

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