Black Nasal Discharge in Cat- Is It Normal 

When it comes to having a cat at home its owners are always concerned about its health. Being a susceptible animal for various infections, any change in the normal health of the cat triggers the panic button in the owners. It is fact that cats are very susceptible for infections concerning the respiratory tract and might show range of symptoms earlier to the actual infection. Due to this reason after observing black around cat's nose several people take it as a symptom for infection. In reality if the cat is having black crusty material stuffed inside the nose is not a thing to worry in most of the cases. Several cats have range of nasal discharges that mainly contain mucous and other materials. This is true for the black thingy in the cat's nose which is normal to happen. This doesn't seem to bother the cat and he or she remains perfectly alright with the crust inside. Many times the discharge happens before two days when it precipitates and forms a hard and solid matter inside the nasal cavity of cat. This black crust is almost impossible to remove being hard and painful while trying to remove.

In second condition the cat develops a black area around the nose that gives appearance of cat black nose. This could be a fungal or other infection that needs treatment from a veterinary doctor. Coming back to the black discharge, it often consists of skin of the internal nose that shreds due to normal wear and tear. This crust often contains epithelium which makes it impossible to remove from the cavity. If the black discharge or crust is formed by some other conditions the cat would show signs of disturbance. If you notice that your cat is constantly scratching at the nose or shaking head to get it off then it might be causing inflammation or irritation under the passage. This might be disturbing the normal breathing or respiration of the cat which needs immediate attention.

The black around cat's nose could also be formed due to infection to the nasal cavity such as sinus or cold. If the discharge is associated with blood or you find dried blood in the black crust then this may indicate in variety of conditions. Symptoms like swelling in and around nose, appearance of blood. Excessive swallowing or nose scratching decides that the condition is not normal and there is some underlying disease associated with the black discharge. The discharge might occur due to presence of foreign bodies in the cavity or the body which triggers the immune system to secrete mucous in order to remove the antigen. Sometimes the secretion is also created by the invading microorganism and often consists mucous in large quantities.

To sum it all, if the black discharge is associated with no symptoms then it is perfectly normal and would disappear in few days but with symptoms immediate medical treatment is necessary.