Benzonatate 200mg: Powerful cough reliever 

Benzonatate 200 mg is one of the higher potencies of benzonatate drugs that come in capsules. It comes in yellow colored soft gelatin capsules. It has the pill imprint of PA83 and is available in bottles of hundreds. The capsules are light, moisture and temperature sensitive therefore are to be stored in appropriate conditions. Benzonatate 200mg is basically a powerful cough reliever and reduces the urge to cough by successfully deadening stretch receptors in the respiratory passages. It has a fast relief action and starts working within 10 to 20 minutes and lasts for approximately 8 hours.

Benzonatate is a non-narcotic oral anti-tussive agent and each capsule has inactive ingredients that are purified water, glycerin, gelatin, and D&C Yellow No. 10. Below ten years of age, usage is highly not recommended. It has been reported that accidental ingestion has proved to be fatal for children less than ten years of age. The signs and symptoms of overdose present themselves within 15-20 minutes and death has been reported within one hour of ingestion. In the case of accidents, medical advice should be immediately consulted. It works peripherally by numbing the stretch receptors that are present in the respiratory tracts, lungs and the pleura and thus diminishing their activity and reducing the cough reflex altogether at its source. No inhibitory effect has been observed on the respiratory center if used within recommended dosage. It is a symptomatic cough reliever and is prescribed to be used for adults and children above 10 years of age

It is strictly advised that Benzonatate how long does it take for a yeast infection to go away 200mg capsules should be swallowed whole only. They should not be sucked or chewed which would in result break the cover because benzonatate is capable to produce temporary local anesthesia of the oral mucosa the consequence of which would be choking. Extreme hypersensitivity reactions such as bronchospasm, cardiovascular collapse and laryngospasm have also been reported, possibly because of the above mentioned reason. To control the situation vasopressor agents and supportive measures are employed. In cases when the benzonatate drug has been used in combination with other drugs psychiatric effects such as bizarre behavior together with mental confusion and visual hallucinations have been reported. Also because it is chemically analogous to anesthetic agents of the para-amino-benzoic acid group, it may affect the CNS system of sensitive people. These effects may be headache, sedation, mental confusion and visual hallucinations.

While taking Benzonatate 200mg, if any lack of feeling or tingling of the tongue, face, throat or mouth is experienced, medical advice should be taken immediately and no food or liquid should be consumed during that period. Over dosage may result fatally, even if a dose is missed by accident refrain from taking double dose. It is not a safe medicine for usage in pregnancy as it can affect adversely to the fetus. As the drug is a strong one, it may affect the gastro intestinal tract and cause constipation, nausea or stomach upset. In these conditions it should be ingested in combination of food or milk.