Balls of Feet Hurt- the What, Why and How's 

If you are a regular runner or walk regularly early in the morning then you might be saying this again and again- "why do the balls of my feet hurt". This is a common problem with the runner kind because the pain is often severe and produces discomfort even in simple walking. These physical activities put immense pressure on the entire feet but especially on the balls. Performing these activities daily could lead to permanent damage or nerve damage that is due to the strenuous working of surrounding nerves and tissues. Some experience the problem only because of the shape of feet which could be abnormal in some cases. Being a common problem several people are facing the pain in everyday life. So here are all what's, whys and how you would like to know about the hurt in balls of foot.

What are the reasons for the pain in balls of foot?

As mentioned earlier continuous pressure could be one reason, apart from that nerve damage could be another likely reason. If the activity is performed on regular basis the nerves of the balls of the foot might get pinched from inside or get damaged due to weight of the body. Faulty blood circulation of the part might result in the death of certain nerve or another part due to lack of oxygen that might be producing the pain in the area. If you are a professional runner then you might overpronate which could cause similar pain. You may not feel it but when you walk of jog wearing socks or other fiber it many times creates friction with the heels of the footwear and the path. This friction causes damage to the underlying nerves of the balls of foot which then causes sever pain.

Why it happens only to one foot or only one part of foot?

If you complain "the balls of my feet hurt when I walk" for one foot then it could result due to infection (fungal) or faulty shape of the respective foot. And as far as only balls are concerned it occurs to them because they tend to tolerate the whole weight of body while practicing walking or jogging.

How to solve the problem and get treatment for the pain?

The first thing to do is to contact nearby physician then observe your footwear if it is thinner at the side of balls and thicker at the side of fingers. If this is present then observe your style of walking or running sa you are walking by giving pressure on the balls. Make use of lubricants present in market to solve the friction problem. There are various inserts available for the shoes or footwear that give comfort and support to the balls of foot and alleviates the pain gradually. Injections of corticosteroids bleeding after first time could be given to the patient by doctors if any other method doesn't work for the ball pain.