Balance Is Necessary In Diet. 

Healthy diet is very essential for maintaining an ailment free body. In the busy work schedule we hardly care about what we are taking in, our body. All delicious food items necessarily not satisfy the requirements of the body. The cuisine which seems to be delicious, sometimes fails to give proper elements of nutrition.

After the globalisation the different cuisines from all over the world have mingled together and has given birth a to a new diet course. The different food traditions have also exchanged their food codes and items. The use of cheese in Indian spicy food is the best example of mingling different food items.

Before starting writing article on White Diet I would like to give some explanation about what is white diet? Well, White Diet is the entire white food item which we use in our diet for example, sugar, cheese, rice and white bread. Many people assume that adding white food to their diet will make them fat and flabby but there this assumption is partially wrong.

Sometimes adding white food to the diet can help a person lose weight. Yes, it is true adding cow's milk to your breakfast helps you to reduce 2 to 3 kilogram of weight per month and using cow milk's ghee daily in diet can prevent from high rise in cholesterol. Even yogurt is also found to contain many beneficial bacteria.

Balance should be maintained among the food products and diet items. Contradictorily all non-white diets are always not helpful for your health. You can not consider big box side effects of levothyroxine of brown chocolate to be healthy.

I have heard many people blaming White Diet for their flabby body and bulging tummy but it is always not true. Excess use of oil in food, eating without keeping a proper time gap between two meals and doing no physical work out can be the major cause of the above.

Why people say no White Diet?

It is not that all white foods are good for the health. Few items of white diet like cheese, cream potato, sugar and white sauce have already gained negative popularity in the group of White Diet. Many times due to misconceptions, we avoid good white food items like milk, curd and egg during our dieting period, whereas we should avoid the use of fast food in our diet. One should not replace the healthy and nutritious food by the harmful fast food.

Before proceeding I would like to state that my article is neither advocating white diet nor it is defaming non-white foods. It is just explaining the myth about food items that people believe to be true.

Many people stress on the consumption of green salads without any creamy dressing, I find it the finest way to reduce weight. Several times during dieting we cut down the necessary food items from our diet because we think that they will increase our weight.

Here, I would like to mention that flabby body is not the result of using white or non-white food in our diet. It is the result of consuming unbalanced diet.