Arthritis in the Wrist 

Wrist arthritis is a common problem among rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) patients which causes pain and difficulty in implementing daily’s routine as wrist connects the ulna and radius with carpal bones.

Who can be affected by arthritis in the wrist?

Arthritis is irritation of one or more joints in one’s body. As it affected millions of people, arthritis in wrist most commonly caused by patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA). Wrist arthritis also can attack one with arthritis family history.

Wrist arthritis is commonly affected by these two diseases, OA and RA due to the systemic autoimmune inflammatory mayhem which involves the join and upper limb.

Person who will likely to develop wrist arthritis have a family history of arthritis, traumatic injury, broken wrist bone, or Kienb?ck's disease. Kienb?ck's disease is the interruption of blood supply in small bones near the wrist.

What are common symptoms that cause arthritis in the wrist?

Arthritis in wrist symptoms includes the following:

Wrist pain

Inflammation, swelling and soreness around the joint

Difficult to hold objects

Carpal tunnel syndrome ( Nerves irritation and numbness in fingers around the joint)

What is common disorders causes arthritis in the wrist?

Symptoms and disorders causes’ wrist arthritis includes:

Post-traumatic arthritis

Often occurs when there is a fracture in the wrist which involves the cartilage surface and joint wears away caused by cartilage injury.

Wrist Instability

Often occurs due to injuries to the small ligaments as well as carpal bones and carpal ligaments (bones in the wrist) where motions of these bones become abnormal.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA is the most frequent causes of wrist arthritis. Since it is a systemic problem, it affects the whole body with normal inflammation of joints to severe which destroys cartilage and normal bones.

How to treat arthritis in the wrist?


Avoid lifting heavy loads and certain motions in one’s routine can relief wrist arthritis.


Heat applications are the most common treatments to reduce wrist arthritis soreness. Heat pads can be used before activities to loosen tissues and decreased injured areas. Do not apply heat for more than 20 minutes, and while sleeping.

Wrist Splint

Wrist supporter can help to prevent severe injuries and maintain simple wrist movements.


Anti inflammatory medications or non-steroidal such as NSAIDs are the most common medication prescribed for wrist arthritis patients.


Cortisone injections are powerful prescribed medications to treat wrist arthritis.

Can surgery treat wrist arthritis?

Surgery can only be performed when arthritis in wrist is severe and when other options do not relieve the irritation. The procedure involves in surgery for wrist arthritis includes wrist fusion, proximal row carpectomy and wrist replacement.

Wrist fusion is proven to relief wrist arthritis but since it eliminates all movement of the wrist, one might not perform in their daily routine.

Proximal row carpectomy is the process to eliminate three of the small bones from the wrist joint and movement is sealed.

Wrist replacement is the procedure involved to remove damaged bone and substitute it with metal and plastic implant. 

What is everyday ideal routine for wrist arthritis patient?

Change your routine, prevent lifting heavy loads can reduce wrist pain

Consult your doctor if your symptoms increase and discuss ways to improve your life as a wrist arthritis patient

Take short naps during the day, full night’s sleep and rest more as arthritis can get worse if you are tired

Take alternative therapies to treat your wrist arthritis and discuss with your doctor before applying any alternative medications

Use your wrists wisely by knowing the conditions that make your wrist pain worsen, and learn to cope as well as pain around belly button to prevent them

Use heat and cold pads for different purposes such as soaks your hand in cold water to reduce your pain or warm water to relax muscle tension for about 30 minutes. Always end up with warm water

Know your symptoms and consult your doctor today to improve your life to reduce wrist arthritis pain. The earlier treatment is given, the better!