Adverse Effects of Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is always praised for its amazing qualities and therapeutic uses and very few people are aware about the side effects caused by consumption of coconut oil. It is true that coconut oil possesses outstanding properties that cure various inflammations in body along with a high content of Omega 3 fatty acid to work up on bad fats. Still the dose is what matters and when it exceeds the normal levels it brings certain negative effects on body. Several people regularly ingest coconut oil as a medication to lose weight and for other cures but with regular consumption it leads to certain reactions such as nausea and others that need immediate attention. Apart from positive contents this oil also consists of the highest amount of saturated fats that is bad for heart along with tendency to cause acidity in stomach after prolong consumption. The following coconut oil side effects depend on the type and quantity consumed daily.

  • Heart threat

An individual study was conducted to see what effects a non virgin coconut oil makes on heart after consumption. They have found that even after first time ingestion the arteries were found to be thick or saturated with the hydrogenated fats produced in the oil. This fat produces great risk of atherosclerosis where body shaking all the time a fat plaque blocks the artery and thereby leads to cardiac arrest. There is a variant of coconut oil present in market that is called as virgin oil which is low on saturated fats and could prevent you from this type of risk.

  • Weight gain

It is true that several people take coconut oil diet in order to reduce the overall weight of body. But this could be reversed if the dose is more than required or prescribed by the doctor. Several people in order to get faster weight loss effects tend to consume higher amounts of coconut oil which in turn increases the risk of weight gain. As this oil contains highest number of saturated fat it is sure to increase weight after prolong consumption. The ideal quantity will be around one tablespoon of coconut oil per day to get the desired weight results.

  • Digestion problems

Being high in saturated fats this side effect of coconut oil is felt by vast majority of its followers. Though in some sort of world this oil is used as cooking medium but it is known to produce certain digestion related trouble sin body. One could feel nauseatic after its ingestion along with vomiting or other negative effects.

If you choose the right type and restrict the daily consumption to prescribed levels than most of the coconut oil side effects could be reduced or escaped.

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