8 Sources of Pain Under Ribs (Left) 

Rib cage or thoracic cavity is the primary location to experience range of pains and discomfort. The primary reasons for most of the pains the presence of stomach and diaphragm in the vicinity. If you are experiencing slight or sever pain under the rib cage especially on the left side then it could be caused by 8 common reasons. Pain in ribs often triggers the panic button in the patients because it is felt at the side of heart when it has nothing to do with it. The rib cage encloses various essential and vital organs that could originate the pain in the area. Often the pain is associated with similar symptoms if it is caused by some problem to any of these organs. Here are 8 common reasons for pain under ribs.

  1. Gases

As the stomach is present in vicinity it could cause pain under rub cage after eating. This pain is associated with no other symptoms and often evident after the consumption of food. Many times the gases might get trapped in the area to cause slight level gas pain under the ribs. This is experienced by almost 70% of people who have acidic or flatulence tendency.

  1. Gas in colon

This is slightly different form previous reason because here excessive amounts of gases are trapped in the color and most often has northing to do with the meals. This pain is often felt in the left upper side of the abdomen or below the chest on left side. This gas pain under ribs evident at the time of indigestion and the person should be asked to be seated in upright position to let the trapped gases evacuate.

  1. Acid reflux

This is another cause which is due to the close vicinity of stomach. As put stomach is full of various acids to digest the food blood clots in pregnancy it often flows back to the tract which is situated below the heart. This gives false impression of heartburn and causes pain under the ribs. It is often accompanied with over eating or bloating in the stomach.

  1. Spleen discomfort

Any injury or inflammation caused to the spleen of the body often produces great amount of pain under the ribs on the left side. This is different from gas pain under the ribs because the intensity is higher and is often associated with left shoulder pain.

  1. Stomach ulceration

Presence of stomach ulcers could cause great amount of pain in the left side under the ribs. This is due to the irritation to the stomach or its lining which gives pain exactly under the ribs on the left side. This pain often migrates to the shoulder area which is a sure indication of presence of ulcer.

Certain pains like gas pain under ribs could resolve on it sown without the need of medication but others like spleen rupture or ulcer needs immediate medical treatment.

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