`How Many Calories in Crab Rangoon 

Crab Rangoon is a dish that you can find in many of the American Chinese restaurants. Thai restaurants are also starting to serve this dish, which are dumplings that are deep fried. Inside these deep fried dumplings you will find a combination of crab meat that has been flaked and cream cheese. You can season the filling with garlic or scallions to enhance the flavor if you choose to. The filling is then wrapped in a Chinese wonton wrapper in a triangular shape and deep fried.

In addition Crab Rangoon is known by other names such as crab cheese wontons, crab pillows, crab meat cheese, or cheese wontons. The traditional Chinese meaning of Crab Rangoon is crab horn or fried crab horn.


For one deep fried dumpling with the delicious filling there are only seventy Crab Rangoon calories in each one. There is six grams of total fat, one gram protein, and three grams of total carbohydrates. From the seventy calories, fifty-four of the calories are in fat.


Since 1956, or earlier, this delicious dish has been on the menu of Trader Vic's, a Polynesian-type restaurant, found in San Francisco, California. It is considered an appetizer and it is alleged that it was derived from a recipe that was authentic Burmese. In reality, Crab Rangoon was most likely invented in the United States.

The reason that they think this is that cream cheese is virtually non-existence in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine. This is why the dish is not likely to be one that is southeast or East Asian cuisine. It is now considered an appetizer in American Chinese cuisine in the United States. When you order Crab Rangoon as an appetizer, you can get it served with soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, mustard, or plum sauce if you want to dip them.

How to Make Crab Rangoon at Home

Once you have tasted these delicious appetizers, you will find that you want more of them. If you do not live close to a Chinese or Thai cuisine restaurant, these are very easy to make at home. They are a good dish that you can serve at parties or just for your enjoyment.

Here is an easy recipe that you can make at home.

  • A fourteen ounce pack of wonton wrappers
  • Two packages of softened cream cheese (total of eight ounces)
  • One pound of crabmeat shredded. (This does not have to be real crabmeat. It is okay to use imitation crabmeat.)

1) If you have a deep fryer you can use this or you can use a heavy sauce pan and heat the oil in it on top of the stove. For the deep fryer, sent the temperature gauge to three hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

2) In a bowl you need to combine the cream cheese and crabmeat. If you want to add garlic and/or scallions at this time. You can also add some onion powder if you desire.

3) Take a small amount of the crabmeat/cream cheese mix in the center of the wonton wrapper. You want to make sure that you do not overstuff the wonton wrapper because you will not be able to fold it correctly and it can cause the wonton wrapper to split and spill out the filing.

4) Now you fold the wrapper over the filling in the shape of the triangle or half moon. The shape will depend on the type of wrappers you bought.

5) To get the wrappers to stay in the shape you folded them, you can wet the edges of the wrapper slightly with water or an egg wash*.

6) Place the Crab Rangoon under a paper towel that is slightly moist until you are ready to fry them

7) Depending on the size of the pan or deep fryer you are using, you add two to four in the hot oil, cooking until they are golden brown. Make sure that you only turn them once. Drain access oil on paper towels.

*egg wash-one egg scrambled with a little water. You can use a pastry brush to put this on or your finger tips.

Preparation time is only twenty minutes and how long it takes to cook them depends on how many you are fixing. This recipe makes ten Crab Rangoon appetizers.